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Water Connection

Water Connection Billing Software:                                                                                Water is one of the major components of daily use by human beings. But due to excess utilization and wastage of water, the councils and municipalities must take major steps to balance the water supply in terms of quantity, quality, and cost. Water can be saved by different ways out which one of the ways is to charge consumers for the utilization of water to restrict them from water wastage, called Water Billing.
Census has come up with a solution as water billing software. The main aim of the software is:
• To calculate water consumption bill
• To calculate Arrears
• To generate Consumer bill Receipt
• To generate reports (like Areas, Demand and Recovery Report)
• Customer compliant and redressal system
• Consumer compliant tracking
• Spot recovery with the use of Hand held unit (HHU)
The software calculates water bill based on meter reading or flat billing
. Meter reading can be taken from the consumer side and calculate bill based on reading in meter and flat billing is done where the meter is not available at consumer end & it can be calculated based on flat rates or many family members.
The major benefits of the application are:
• It automates all internal repetitive tasks
• It provides municipality/councils with a budget and level billing plans
• It generates a report
• It increases productivity
• It keeps track of commercial leakages.
• It increases recovery percentage.
• It helps to improve the consumer satisfaction index.


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