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Toll Plaza Collection

Toll Plaza Collection Software

Toll Plaza Collection Software  is put in place to collect revenue and recover the capital outlay incurred on the cost of construction, repairs, maintenance, expenses on toll operation by concessionaires, private organizations to provide reduced travel time and increased level to service to end user.

Toll management system is the most important part of a Highway Project. This is the system that will enable the toll operating agency to efficiently and securely collect toll from the road user. The system is a complicated mix of more than 13 different hardware equipment integrated with a multi-module software, to automate and keep track of various functions of the toll collection, such as User management, Float management, Toll Collection, Cash declaration, Transaction Audit, Vehicle Classification, ETC FASTag transaction processing, TC performance, and various other features.

Even though cost-wise, this system is only a small fraction of the total project cost but, this is the system that will enable a toll operator to recover their investment efficiently. The system is designed with various built-in security features, with a focus on ease of toll collection in the lane and avoiding, detecting, and stopping any revenue leaks.

Our system is designed with our experience and insights in Toll operations and is readily integrated with the majority of hardware equipment’s from multiple OEMs such as Automatic barriers, CCTV Cameras, Weigh in Motion, Static Weigh Bridges, RFID Readers, Thermal Printers, Traffic Lights, LED Fare Displays, etc.


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