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Tax Collection

ClanTech Tax Collection Software 

Clan tech Tax Collection software helps government-operated treasury offices reduce administrative burden and manage the entire tax billing, collection, and distribution process. These tools automate key administrative functions that support the billing process, including rate calculation, bill and invoice printing, and accounts receivable generation. Most commonly, tax & revenue collection software supports property tax collection, but these revenue management tools can also assist with business licensing and other types of tax collection, motor vehicle registration fees, sales tax, and levy management. With few exceptions, they can be configured to meet the specific laws and requirements governing the user’s municipality. Treasury offices can also manage a public portal for taxpayers to pay all taxes and bills electronically, while also providing access to all publicly available tax information.
Tax & revenue collection products integrate with payment processing software to accept secure electronic payments for bills. These solutions also provide basic accounting software functions to keep a general ledger all of accounts, and to assist with the distributions and delinquency process. In some cases, these products provide workflow management software features and automatically flag all delinquent accounts to the assigned collections agent to resolve quickly. Either on their own or through integration with dedicated appraisal tools, tax & revenue collection software can process property valuation data to determine the correct tax rates for billing. Furthermore, they offer a number of data insights and reports to help agencies make smarter decisions and maximize their revenue.
To qualify for inclusion in the Tax & Revenue Collection category, a product must:
Be intended for use by public treasury offices that handle tax and billing collections
Manage the assessment and billing process for one or more of the following: property tax, business licensing and tax, motor vehicle registration, or sales tax
Maintain a historical log of all transactional data to support trend analysis, customer service, and account reconciliation
Provide an online portal for taxpayers and bill recipients to search and manage all outstanding balances

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