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Petrol Pump Billing

ClanTech Petrol Pump Billing Software

There isn’t a fuel station business that wouldn’t benefit from the features offered by a petrol pump management software. Just like other businesses, a petrol pump also needs help that can make the automatic execution of certain tasks possible. Let’s say, automatic report generation, meter reading, accounting functions, etc. And there is plenty of petrol pump management software to choose from to leverage the advantage of automation. From backend tasks to inventory management, sales, marketing, a petrol pump solution delivers benefits to multiple departments.Using ClanTech Petrol Pump Billing Software Managing different processes under sales management of diesel and petrol.

Top Reason to Buy Clantech PetrolPumb Billing Softwares

  • Billing and Invoicing: Get vehicle wise billing, periodic or month-wise billing, item-wise billing, transaction-wise billing and cash-wise billing.
  • Stock Management: Get stock reports, condensed reports, density chart and pump machine readings automatically.
  • Accounting & Taxation: Ledger accounts, voucher entries, group trial balance, balance sheets, negative cash and customer trial balance, everything can be managed with this software.
  • Tax Invoice as per GST Compliance
  • Credit Billing (Weekly / Fornightly / Monthly)
  • Vehicle Wise – Product Wise – Party Wise Billing Options
  • Special Discounts Option at the time of Billing
  • Bill Direct Email Facility

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