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Parking Ticket

ClanTech Parking ticket Software 

Web-based parking mobility solution that helps individuals and businesses manage vehicle spot reservations, tickets and more.

ClanTech Parking ticket Software tracks the life of a parking ticket from the moment of issuance, through payment, and each step in between. All of your issued ticket records are displayed on the Ticket screen where you may manually enter hand-written tickets, post payments, add unlimited comments, view all transactions associated with the ticket, generate letters, attach files, make monetary adjustments, view other tickets issued to the customer, access appeals, voids, schedule hearings, and edit ticket data. Everything you need, all on one comprehensive screen.

ClanTech Parking ticket Softwarefunctionality includes:
Automated Upload of Issued Tickets from Ticketers.
Automated Registered Owner Lookup.
Automated Billing Statements.
Automatic Fine Escalations and Late Fees.
Payment Posting.
Voids/Appeals and Hearing Scheduling.
Repeat Offender Tracking.
Date or Date-Range Reporting on Issuance, Violations, Locations, and Ticket Revenue.

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