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Multi collector Software

Multi collector Software

Multi Collector is a handy tool that provides users with a solution for managing collections, no matter the collectibles.

You can use it to create custom collection databases and organize them in categories.

Webcam support, graphic editing capabilities, password protection, smart filters and data sorting, together with the advanced report generator are features that make this application worth considering. You can easily switch between different collections, change the application appearance and the view mode.

The collections can be imported, exported and printed easily.

We look for new ideas in order to improve our products for our customers. We want our programs to meet your needs and work perfectly for you. To make our products fit your specialized needs, we take your suggestions and use them to fine-tune our products to create powerful programs that are both versatile and user friendly.

We appreciate and value your experience. We carefully consider your opinions and do our best (and even more) to comply with your requests. If our software lacks an important, special function you desire, just contact us. We’ll try to find a proper solution and implement it in future releases.

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