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Hotel Billing

Hotel Billing Software

ClanTech Hotel billing record system is used to capture the billing record of customers to come up with a total amount to be paid by the customer. The information is saved to a database to enable management or users to retrieve saved billing records. The service rendered by the hotel industry is associated with charges.

Billing – The activity of charging a client for goods and services rendered.

 Accounting – the activity, practice, or profession of maintaining the business records of a person or organization.

System – a combination of components working together to achieve a particular goal.

Software – programs and applications that can be run on a computer system.

Management – The organizing and controlling of the affairs of a business or sector of a business.

Hotel –An establishment that provides accommodation and other services for paying guests.

Efficiency in Inventory Management, Ease of Performance Tracking, Anytime Access to the System, Management of Takeaways and Deliveries, Efficiency in Online Ordering, Management of Multiple Outlets, Handling Restaurant Marketing, Mandatory Customer Feedback

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