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Finance Collection

Clantech Finance Collection Software 

Easy Finance Monthly is end to end monthly finance management software. Supports day interest calculation, monthly interest calculation and due repayment types. Have all the features required, no additional customization or add on required. Integrated with mobile app. Data can be exported from computer to mobile, new loans/collections/expenses can be keyed-in through mobile app. Mobile app data can be imported into system back and view comprehensive reports that will be faster in computer.

Provided with comprehensive balance report including all type of loans. Supports to maintain guarantor details and loan documents.

Top-up and principle returns can be managed within same loan account until the principle and interest fully paid. Penalty calculation is configurable at loan level for late payments.
Option to manage deposits and manage interest payments for deposits. Maintains details about depositor and the interest paid. Top-up feature is enabled for deposits. 

Option to manage other finance loans which is taken for short period and the interest paid for the loans. 

Top-up feature is enabled for other finance loans.Monthly Collection software is available in English. Software comes with life time license. Please call us for price quote.

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