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Entry Token

ClanTech Entry Token Software :

ClanTech Entry Token Softwares is a simple and seamless requiring minimal Software. Cloud and mobile based, the tokens are self-generated and can be displayed on any screen.

Our solutions will help your customers to generate token in mobile application or from webpage from anywhere. So, when peoples want to come for service will generate token from mobile application or webpage and get timing information and queue number. This will save customer’s time and help them to plan well

Also known as queue management system, the solution by Clantech is ideal for banks, hospitals, clinics, and multi-department customer-facing facilities.
You can also easily view daily or monthly reports on visitors or customers.

additional way is client come to center and wait for his/her turn. This approach is time consuming and not efficiently in modern world when time and customer service is critical part of industries. In this scenario so many human hours are wasted which is also loss for society.

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