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Coffee and Tea Shop Billing

Coffee and Tea Shop Billing Software

Grow your business with ClanTech, Coffee shop / Tea shop / Bakery POS. Serve your customers quickly and efficiently by using billing software. Android App, Bulk SMS, Canteen management, Fast billing, POS panel, many types’ of reports, Online food Delivery App all this in one billing software for GST or NON-GST business and very easy to use.

Price your products accurately with our Software. We can control costs based on varying material costs across suppliers from time to time. Our Billing Software, Manage the queues during rush hours by popping instant Billing Counters. If you also sell made to order items like pizza, you can setup Kitchen Order Tickets (KOTs) for such items

Key Features are : 

Fastest Way to Create Invoices / Bills.
All Vendors and Purchase Management with Consumption logs.
GST Reports Format & Excel Export.
SMS on Your Desire Activities like Sale, Payments.
Transfer Internally like Store to Store Transfer.
Track All Payment Transactions and Expenses.Self Managed MOP like Cash, Wallets, UPI etc
Clients and Leads Management with Reminders.
Track All Payment Transactions and Expense,
Your Own Managed Offers for Direct Sale.

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