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Cable TV Billing Software

ClanTech Cable TV Billing Software

Cable TV billing software gives the power of choice to the customers. ClanTech cable  billing software allows for online selection of channel packages and A la carte selections which enables customers to choose and enjoy viewing as per their choice. They can select from a variety of offerings. This will empower the customer to pick their own channels as per their viewing preference.

cable operator software can keep a track of the set top boxes that have been assigned to your subscribers,customer IDs, membership date, phone number and address. This allows you to keep track of all the information of your customers in an efficient and professional manner. 

There is nothing that you need to do manually. Subscriber management becomes a breeze with the ClanTech billing software for cable TV operators. 

Designed to organize and simplify the way you maintain and manage your cable TV subscribers. manage their businesses efficiently and saving tons of money every month by improving their cable TV payment collections.

Your subscribers can be added by the admin and each of them can be assigned to a collection agent. The administrator may assign an agent corresponding to every subscriber, real-time payment tracking & monitoring of the billing collection status can be done with ease. 

Additionally channel package history and selection details of subscribers can be easily viewed with just a few clicks.

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